Why?? I Wonder!!

I am still here!! Yupiiee…so much has gone over the past two months. Life’s been like a roller coaster and I am glad I am settled now. least for now!!! So where do I begin!!

Life’s been very different after coming back home, almost after 4 years. This year’s has been full of surprises. Never thought even remotely that I would relocate to Chennai. I still remember the night when I left to Chennai. There I was all alone at the cantonment railway station with my train delayed for almost an hr. 12:30 am midnight!! and it was raining like there’s no tomorrow. It felt as if Bangalore was crying and asking me not to go 🙂 !!! I know that’s a bit of exaggeration, but couldn’t help such thoughts coming across after spending the best days of my life in Bangalore!!! Most beautiful days rather!!! Carrying such mixed feelings, I boarded the train finally at 1:00 AM!!

26th May 2008 : I didn’t belong to any corporate. I was unemployed :D. I was feeling good. Ever since I finished my college, I have been belonging to one or the other software firm. That day I got up and felt totally liberated. Huhhhh….But it didn’t last long though ;D

Why I chose to write this post now after two months? Coz I didn’t consider myself settled until I got my internet connection. No Internet for two months, can you just imagine!! Huhhh…BSNL took it’s own sweet time but I have got a decent connection now and I am back to civilization!!! Yupiiieee!!!

How am I right now? Fat (Home food’s got some fat added up) and dark rather I got a gold tan 😉 and also started working for an MNC (I am sure it wont be a surprise to many of you). I am riding my bike like never before. Rode 3740 Kms in two months wherein I rode only 7000kms in Bangalore for a whole year!! Chennai’s been such a lovely place to ride. Lovely weather, world class roads, neat traffic condition, huh heaven!!! I guess I’ll drown and die in my own sweat one of these days 😀 !! But its been good fun hanging out with school and college friends. And I don’t hesitate to watch a movie every weekend. A high class ticket @ Inox won’t cost me more that 120 Rs. Yes you got that right!! 120!!! Damn you Bangalore for burning big holes in my pocket all these years!!! Missing you corner house 😦

Good job, nice friends and with parents around, I got adapted and I sure am Happy!! for NOW 🙂 Missing you all people!! Truly!! I have already made three trips to Bangalore in the past two months and will keep visiting. Hope to catch up with you all one day!! Until then, keep mailing and let me know your whereabouts!!



Day’s like these always feels bad, but this time it was far more worse to me. Like I said, its people more than work that impacts me!!! The relationships that I cherished and my friendships that I truly consider it a treasure. I may not be a friend for everyone but whoever is, about 4-5, they are just THE BEST. At time I wonder whether I even deserve them. Its tough, its gonna be real tough…but…well…huh…inevitable…

My Last Day E-mail!!!😦

Well….Today’s my last day at work…Days like this always feels weird and sad. Weird because you’re leaving something you’ve come to know so well to venture off into a somehow unknown future, sad because you’re leaving behind a load of memories and mainly because you know you’ll be missing the people you actually spent most of your day with for over 2 years, so much. I guess it’s always the people you get to know, how they touch your life, the different relationships you build with them, the good times, and even the not so good ones, that gets to you.

It has been a mixed feeling since morning!!!

Surprised faces!!!


Cute Hugs


Sweet Good-Bye’s


And packed up my stuff


I’d like to thank all the guys at work for the great ride. It was great getting to know you all and to get a chance to work with every single one of you. I hope that we’ll get to carry our personal relationships well into the future. I’d like to thank the company for having me as part of the team. I’m proud of these years that I spent in it, the role I had and the work I did. I’m very happy to see the company growing further and going on to conspicuous success.

Thanks for the wonderful farewell. I was so choked with emotions that I couldn’t say most of what I wanted to. Really, I mean it.

I’m not going to move too far away and you can find out everything that’s happening with me here including my contact details . Please do stop by and post your comments. I would love to read them. I’ll be sticking around for the rest of the day and I would be glad if you could stop by to say Adios!!

Signing Off in an hour!!!



There comes a time in every one’s life to leave the place that you got so accustomed to, your very own comfort zone and venture into the unknown land filled with strangers. Inevitable, isn’t it? Even since I made my decision to move from my present organization, these thoughts have been popping up my mind. Wonder whether there is any name for such phobia!!

With one more day at hand before I say good-bye to all, my team organized for a meeting, which later I got to know that it was my farewell meeting. At that very moment, it made very obvious to me that “So….This is It”. Anyhoe…

It was so nice to see all my team members along with my leads. The room was so silent that it was looking as if we were mourning for something. I had to break the silence. “Lets not make this all the more a sentimental session”, I said and there was a sudden burst of laughter on everyone’s face. Goshhh!!! After a brief session of compliments from my team members, they handed over the gift, sorry GIFTS bag to me.

Farewell gifts!!

Now I realized why Sridhar had been missing during post-lunch session. Himanshu!!! Thank you so very much for your compliments and for the “Thank You” card!!! truly you made my day!! It felt as if I got some award. Team!!! Thank you all for all the lovely gifts,. I just loved em all. Pavan, you will definitely miss my set note “Heads down on..” I believe, but I ll try to have the same in gtalk.

See you all tomorrow guys!!

Recently, I visited Marina Beach, Chennai. It was a beautiful morning and the weather was too good to lie down at the shore and enjoy the breeze. There were couple of kids having fun playing with the waves. Boys were trying to show off how brave they are by going farther from the shore. Mom was screaming from the shore not to go farther though!! I enjoyed looking at the kid’s playing and building sand house and out of no where comes another guy. He was in his twenties, shabby wearing a shirt and pant and I guess he just woke up. His dress was torn and shabby. I was waiting to see him plunge inside the waves and to have fun but what I saw for the next 10 minutes totally moved me.

My Day.jpg

This guy goes till the depth is about knee level totally dressed and immersed himself. Then he took a plastic cover from his pant pocket and he removed a bar of soap and started to take bath. He definitely looked embarrassed, but somehow he managed to overlook the crowd and started applying the soap. There he goes again and takes a plunge on a big wave rushing towards the shore and he was done with his SHOWER. Shower isn’t a right word though, he just wanted to clean himself. He somehow managed to slip off the crowd behind a small boat to change.

My Day

After a moment he takes his old shabby dress to the sea and washed them. He dried them off for a while and packed them in the same bag. Probably that’s his dress for the next day! After he left, I was thinking about the state of that guy for sometime. I wonder where he would have slept all night but he just gets up, heads straight to the beach to take bath, washes his clothes and just goes off. Wonder where he was heading and what was in his schedule for the day but I know for sure that he is just heading to find a way to merely Survive!!

I had a though provoking situation looking at both the Fun filled and Mere Survival part of life that morning!!