My Beautiful Life

I don’t know how to drive a car. I can trek, I can handle computers, I can swim and blah blah blah but….I can’t drive a freaking car. Someone said that you wont learn something unless the need arise. Learning out of interest is something and learning for survival is something. Like my interest to learn Guitar, I always had this strong urge to learn to play guitar whenever I look at someone in my Church play one or whenever I listen to song that gets deep inside me. But the moment I got my hands on one, I never returned to it. The guitar is dusted and lying around and I wonder where. So is the case about my desire to learn driving. Whenever we go on long trips with friends, I feel bad that I don’t know how to drive a car and there would be a strong urge within me to learn the very next day, but it just remains a transient feeling and the next day it’s gone. If only I could just freeze the transient moment and keep it in my mind until I accomplish what I want to do. Well you must be pondering as to why I am giving you all a lengthy flash back of my stupid attitude.

Ever since I returned from Bangalore to Chennai my hometown, my dad’s been telling me every single day to go for driving class and learn driving and get the license, every single day. In fact he arranged for some tutor who was ready to spend all weekend to teach. But I just had no time. No $%#$$#$ time. Wonder what I have been doing and I regret now like never before for not listening to my dad.

Why am I regretting so much, because I am in the US and I just can’t go wherever I want and whenever I want to? There’s so much to see around when you go to some new place and though I have very good friend who gives me a ride, I hate bothering some one for my own interest unless the other person is equally interested too. I don’t blame if the person isn’t interested, after all not everyone is made the same. If only I would have learnt to get my hands on the wheels, I could have just rented a car and drove around. I am here sitting all day in my hotel room typing about my stupidity and how much I am regretting about it. What a loser. L

So, people…listen to your dad. Ok. LISTENNNNN TO YOUR DAD.

(PS: I am sorry dad. First thing first I’ll learn driving and get my license as soon as I come back. I promise)


I have always heard of stories from someone who loose their baggage and what deal they go through when it arrives late or never does. It was my turn this time. Endless rows of bags passing by but not mine. After a long wait one of the check-in bag showed up but not the one that had everything for my 6 week trip in US. The last container got emptied too but still mine never showed up. So this is it. Not even a single pair of clothes to change. I checked in the baggage to my flight to Baltimore and walked towards the phone to make a few calls. ATT gladly ate all my quarters, ALL of them. Fed up with whatever was going, headed towards my flight and the pilot decided to take a toll on me too. Poorly maintain cabin pressure was pounding my ears. A cute baby sitting next to me was crying all the way.

Thank God I got my only baggage at the Baltimore International. My friend was there to pick me up. Off we drove to his house. Dominos Pizza, Cheese sticks and Chicken wings for dinner was heaven after that long 24 hour flight from India. With no pair of clothes to get into, had to sleep with the same stinking clothes. Slept like a baby until it was 10 in the morning. Tiredness is Bliss!!

First thing first, head to Wal-Mart. Picked some vests, briefs, a pair of jeans and t-shirt, shoes and some other essential stuff keeping in mind, what if the bag never arrives. Shower after 2 days was rejuvenating. I received a call from the airline to my hotel stating that bags left out at Frankfurt and would reach me any time by Sunday evening. Finally it did!!! Finally. Now need to the get a delayed baggage report from the airline to claim my insurance for delayed baggage. Wish me luck!!

New year 2009 cant’t get any better for me for this year. I would say this is how as good as it can get. Stepping into the New year filled with new promises, new hopes, new goals and what not. People try to be happy and merry and cheerful on new yars’s eve because they believe that the rest of the year is going to depend on how the first day of the new year goes. Hope i get to travel a lot this year as I’ll be traveling on New Year 2009!! Welcoming the New Year in the Church by singing “As the deer panteth for the water” and “Amazing Grace” for me is the most beautiful way. A year where I can rely more on the Lord for his grace and mercy just like a deer panting for water and to rely on Him and His love for everything. His amazing grace to be with me all through out this year!!

Though the trip was supposed to have happened during the month of December, it was postponed indefinitely. Thanks to my clients who all went on a long Christmas vacation. That helped me to have a great time celebrating Christmas with my family and friends and to have a great two day trek trip to a reserve forest.

Work kept me a bit busy and I had to keep the packing task for the last day. Hope I have packed everything I need and won’t be sure until I open my bag in US. I am sure I have forgotten something. I am just too sure. See you all by Feb end and wish you all a Very Happy New year!!