Listen to Your dad!!

I don’t know how to drive a car. I can trek, I can handle computers, I can swim and blah blah blah but….I can’t drive a freaking car. Someone said that you wont learn something unless the need arise. Learning out of interest is something and learning for survival is something. Like my interest to learn Guitar, I always had this strong urge to learn to play guitar whenever I look at someone in my Church play one or whenever I listen to song that gets deep inside me. But the moment I got my hands on one, I never returned to it. The guitar is dusted and lying around and I wonder where. So is the case about my desire to learn driving. Whenever we go on long trips with friends, I feel bad that I don’t know how to drive a car and there would be a strong urge within me to learn the very next day, but it just remains a transient feeling and the next day it’s gone. If only I could just freeze the transient moment and keep it in my mind until I accomplish what I want to do. Well you must be pondering as to why I am giving you all a lengthy flash back of my stupid attitude.

Ever since I returned from Bangalore to Chennai my hometown, my dad’s been telling me every single day to go for driving class and learn driving and get the license, every single day. In fact he arranged for some tutor who was ready to spend all weekend to teach. But I just had no time. No $%#$$#$ time. Wonder what I have been doing and I regret now like never before for not listening to my dad.

Why am I regretting so much, because I am in the US and I just can’t go wherever I want and whenever I want to? There’s so much to see around when you go to some new place and though I have very good friend who gives me a ride, I hate bothering some one for my own interest unless the other person is equally interested too. I don’t blame if the person isn’t interested, after all not everyone is made the same. If only I would have learnt to get my hands on the wheels, I could have just rented a car and drove around. I am here sitting all day in my hotel room typing about my stupidity and how much I am regretting about it. What a loser. L

So, people…listen to your dad. Ok. LISTENNNNN TO YOUR DAD.

(PS: I am sorry dad. First thing first I’ll learn driving and get my license as soon as I come back. I promise)

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  1. Meenakshi said:

    hey naresh…all of us realise the value of certain things only later in life…so am glad u realised ur dad’s value :-)…learn drivin soon and u will be rocking soon…and i have to say ur blog is reallly interesting and the way u ve presented things deserves appreciation…keep up the good work naresh 🙂

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