New Year – As good as it gets!!

New year 2009 cant’t get any better for me for this year. I would say this is how as good as it can get. Stepping into the New year filled with new promises, new hopes, new goals and what not. People try to be happy and merry and cheerful on new yars’s eve because they believe that the rest of the year is going to depend on how the first day of the new year goes. Hope i get to travel a lot this year as I’ll be traveling on New Year 2009!! Welcoming the New Year in the Church by singing “As the deer panteth for the water” and “Amazing Grace” for me is the most beautiful way. A year where I can rely more on the Lord for his grace and mercy just like a deer panting for water and to rely on Him and His love for everything. His amazing grace to be with me all through out this year!!

Though the trip was supposed to have happened during the month of December, it was postponed indefinitely. Thanks to my clients who all went on a long Christmas vacation. That helped me to have a great time celebrating Christmas with my family and friends and to have a great two day trek trip to a reserve forest.

Work kept me a bit busy and I had to keep the packing task for the last day. Hope I have packed everything I need and won’t be sure until I open my bag in US. I am sure I have forgotten something. I am just too sure. See you all by Feb end and wish you all a Very Happy New year!!


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