Monthly Archives: June 2008

Confession Time: I haven’t watched cricket at least for the past four years!! My friends would know about that. There were embarrassing moments to prove that. Once, just to prove that I am up to date with the world, I made a fool out of my self by asking the team member how much Ganguly scored when it was that time Dada sitting idle. “Welcome to the real World” was the reply back. I ain’t that a cricket person. But IPL changed that!!

I started typing this post once the final match got over. My heart skipped a beat during the last two overs. The series of matches, not all though, kept me glued to the idiot box for several weeks now. And like the advertisement says IPL’s truly the King of Entertainment. Though highly commercialized, it brought sportsmanship out of every player. It did bring all players under one roof. We would really need a very strong change of mind, as spectators, when we are going to play against Australia :D!! I won’t be surprised if we end up cheering Hayden for hitting 6 against India.

Apart from criticisms from politicians and feminists on cheer leaders for inappropriate dressing and the infamous Bajji slapping Sreeshanth case, IPL was pure fun. I had more fun as I had a chance to pull my Bangalore friends down. It was just the time when I moved to Chennai after staying in Bangalore for four years. Chennai vs Bangalore was like India vs Pakistan for us. How I yelled in joy in the middle of the night calling them up when Chennai won against Bangalore. 😀 Thank God I moved to Chennai at the right time ;). But still Bangalore rocks when it comes to Cheer leaders!! We should have declared a prize for the best cheer leaders as well!!

Jokes apart, IPL truly was a great entertainer (Also enlightened for my cricket knowldge) 😥 !! Day’s going to be real different from tomorrow with no match to follow up and no team to cheer for!!

*****************  We’ll Miss You IPL!!  *****************