Awesome Farewell!!!

There comes a time in every one’s life to leave the place that you got so accustomed to, your very own comfort zone and venture into the unknown land filled with strangers. Inevitable, isn’t it? Even since I made my decision to move from my present organization, these thoughts have been popping up my mind. Wonder whether there is any name for such phobia!!

With one more day at hand before I say good-bye to all, my team organized for a meeting, which later I got to know that it was my farewell meeting. At that very moment, it made very obvious to me that “So….This is It”. Anyhoe…

It was so nice to see all my team members along with my leads. The room was so silent that it was looking as if we were mourning for something. I had to break the silence. “Lets not make this all the more a sentimental session”, I said and there was a sudden burst of laughter on everyone’s face. Goshhh!!! After a brief session of compliments from my team members, they handed over the gift, sorry GIFTS bag to me.

Farewell gifts!!

Now I realized why Sridhar had been missing during post-lunch session. Himanshu!!! Thank you so very much for your compliments and for the “Thank You” card!!! truly you made my day!! It felt as if I got some award. Team!!! Thank you all for all the lovely gifts,. I just loved em all. Pavan, you will definitely miss my set note “Heads down on..” I believe, but I ll try to have the same in gtalk.

See you all tomorrow guys!!

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  1. Praveen said:

    Hey- how is it going? how is Chennai?

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