Most of us would have had this experience!!! When we listen to a song, or go through a specific place or when we look at some thing, it immediately reminds us of something special, a nice moment in our life that we truly cherished and enjoyed, and that gets us Nostalgic!!!

I was listening to “Chak De India” song from the movie Chak De India and it reminded me only one thing, my beautiful and joyous trip to Coorg that I went couple of weeks back. Why? Because in that silent night, with the low hum of the bus engine and the gentle cool breeze swifting our face, we all were enjoying this movie. Though many of us have already watched it, no one hesitated to watch it again!! It’s such an exciting and exhilarating movie!!

(With movie’s theme and storyline it’s also famous for its beautiful actresses. Goshhh…. I could see the excitement and joy in Sridhar’s face when Nethra Reddy appeared, man he was so obsessed with her I guess. My favorite’s are Vidya Sharma – the captain and Aliyah Bose. I am especially obsessed with the BGM of the song “Maula Mere Lele Meri Jaan”. Awesome track and was used at the right timings during the film)

It was such a nice feeling and I am sure all time every time when I listen to this song or watch the film, It’s gonna remind me the trip. I am all wanting to go for one more trip like that!!! Guys..plsssssss….lets pack our bags once again!!!

Till then…Maula Mere Lele Meri Jaaaaaaaaaaan!! (Listen and enjoy)


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