Wonder La!!





The second week of February has been rocking so far!!

15th Feb-18th Feb – I packed my bags to Coorg and had an awesome and an adventurous weekend with office friends!

19th Feb – Office threw a party at Grand Ashok, Bangalore and had an awesome evening. Some one said “Dance as if no one is watching” and that’s exactly what I did. Had a gala time with friends and colleagues.

After two days I got an announcement that we are gonna have a team outing, one day trip though, on Friday 22nd. Yupeee!!! On your, mark get set, Zoom!! It was more of an ad hoc plan and everyone decided to visit Wonder La. I have been to this place two years before with my friends from Dell and had a real good time.


This place has astounding rides, water rides, man I was all excited for yet another round of fun. Arrangements went real smooth as the destination is just 30 kms from office premise. Those who had cars offered to pick up team mates. Since we were a group of 30 people, I called up Wonder La to ask for group booking offers and they gave a whopping 20% discount. It would be 15% if we were between 25-29. But we were exact 30 and to have fun for one day it just cost us 378/-.

We all assembled at office premise by 8:30-9:00. Looking us in casual jeans, T’s and shorts, colleagues were asking several of us what are we up to and we responded by telling “Wonder La” with all 32 teeth popping out of our mouth.

Off we departed as and when people started arriving and we had no problem beating the traffic. We reached by 10:00 and luckily no one dropped out. We were exactly 30 and we got the 20% discount. Since it was a week day I wasn’t expecting much crowd but that day three schools had come over on excursion, so can imagine the crowd. It was fun watching them, teachers asking them to stand in line in two’s holding each others hands. Some naughty kids were always running around and were getting belted from teachers, how many such trips we all would have gone during school days, that too once in a year!! Those were the best days of my life!! truly!!


All of us headed straight to the changing rooms and everyone were in their best attire for a fun trip like this. T’s and Shorts. Reminded me Jungle Book title song “Jaddi pahanke phool khila hai, phhol khila hai”!! HaHa!

The one ride that everyone should start with in Wonder La is definitely the Wonder Splash. Gives you the thrill and gets you wet at the same time. The Q wasn’t that big and we just waited for 5 mins. I sat at the rear seat as it gives more fun to experience the full force (Giving excuse to myself as I didn’t get the chance to sit at the front). 11 of us strapped to the vehicle, off we went through the tunnel and there it took a sudden steep declination into the shallow waters with waters splashing all over. It was just a matter of 5 seconds which brings all kinds of emotions out. Joy, smile, fear, curiosity…..Awesome!!! The best part is that they have a camera installed at the right location and it just captures everyones expression at the right time. Straight we headed to look at our pic and started making fun of each other’s facial expression. Check the picture (This pic will definitely bring a smile all time any time)


After this ride, every one’s energy level shot up and we got dispersed in several batches to have fun with dry rides. Next we went to Wonder La Bamba, Maverick, Drop Zone, Insanity, Y Scream (This one’s my favorite). Fun in purest form. Once you get buckled, all you will hear is scream…scream…scream!! Goshhh!!


After dry rides we decided to get wet and straight headed to water rides. My favorite one is Vertical fall where we come down a steeply sloping chute and land with a splash into a sparkling puddle. The ride starts from a height of 6 storey building, and before you know it you are already in the pool. Its definitely not for the timid at heart as the website says and whoever went on that ride will agree to that!! Awesome!! We finished all the other rides and headed straight to Wavepool (An artificial wave pool). We wallowed in the wave pool for almost two hours. That’s were we had more fun. We would throw an object and swim underwater to see who finds it first. It was also fun teaching Sandeep how to swim underwater. Poor guy tried so hard to go underwater but he always ended up surfacing and he would still keep his head underwater and assume that he is swimming underwater, Haha!! Five of us were there playing in the wave pool and had a cool time. I got so tried and headed to the change my went clothes. By this time the entire group was tired and lazing around. We caught up with few more rides and had fun driving crazy cars dashing each other. It was 7:00pm in the evening when we were all done and all set to head home and crash!!!! All together a wonderful Friday!!

Say Cheeeese!!!!

  1. Teju said:

    Missed it 🙂

  2. Nousheen said:

    Hey ,

    This was so vivid that it reminds me of my first experience at Wonder La ! I could relate to each and every ride. I feel like visiting Wonder La once again!
    Naresh you can be a great story teller ! 🙂

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