Mere Survival

Recently, I visited Marina Beach, Chennai. It was a beautiful morning and the weather was too good to lie down at the shore and enjoy the breeze. There were couple of kids having fun playing with the waves. Boys were trying to show off how brave they are by going farther from the shore. Mom was screaming from the shore not to go farther though!! I enjoyed looking at the kid’s playing and building sand house and out of no where comes another guy. He was in his twenties, shabby wearing a shirt and pant and I guess he just woke up. His dress was torn and shabby. I was waiting to see him plunge inside the waves and to have fun but what I saw for the next 10 minutes totally moved me.

My Day.jpg

This guy goes till the depth is about knee level totally dressed and immersed himself. Then he took a plastic cover from his pant pocket and he removed a bar of soap and started to take bath. He definitely looked embarrassed, but somehow he managed to overlook the crowd and started applying the soap. There he goes again and takes a plunge on a big wave rushing towards the shore and he was done with his SHOWER. Shower isn’t a right word though, he just wanted to clean himself. He somehow managed to slip off the crowd behind a small boat to change.

My Day

After a moment he takes his old shabby dress to the sea and washed them. He dried them off for a while and packed them in the same bag. Probably that’s his dress for the next day! After he left, I was thinking about the state of that guy for sometime. I wonder where he would have slept all night but he just gets up, heads straight to the beach to take bath, washes his clothes and just goes off. Wonder where he was heading and what was in his schedule for the day but I know for sure that he is just heading to find a way to merely Survive!!

I had a though provoking situation looking at both the Fun filled and Mere Survival part of life that morning!!


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