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I recently bought a new Dell Vostro 1000 n Series which means it comes with no operating system!! Saved quiet a lot 🙂 !!!First, I installed Winows XP (need it for most of my development work!!). I am a great fan of OpenSuse and Fedora and wanted to install both these distro. After Win XP I installed OpenSuse 10.2!!

This article is for those who already have Win XP and OpenSuse 10.2 in dual boot and want to add Fedora to the list.

OpenSuse 10.2 Installation:

OpenSuse has excellent documentation for OpenSuse 10.2, but for those of you who are new, this link ( has step by step installation instructions (Includes 61 screen shots explaining the same). After about 45 minutes I had a working OpenSuse 10.2 on my laptop. I had to install and configure the ATI Video drivers though but again help was just around the corner ATI Driver HowTo !!Once OpenSuse was up and running I wanted to install Fedora 7. After initializing the installation, I was under the assumption that Fedora 7 would detect my OpenSuse 10.2 but it didn’t 😦

Fedora 7 Installation:

While installing Fedora, you will reach a section where it will prompt you whether you want to install the boot loader. Please ignore this section and move on (Make a note of the root device, in my case it’s /dev/sda10, where your Fedora is Installed). Once Fedora is Installed, boot your system back to OpenSuse 10.2 and Open YaST–System-BootLoader. Click on the Add button and select to install a new Kernel Section. Browse the location of the Kernel Image and Initrd and select the boot device where Fedora is installed. This is how my boot loader screen looks like:

Boot loader settings

Save the settings and reboot, you will find the entry for Fedora 7 that you have made in boot loader settings and the system will boot to Fedora 7.0!!

PS: If you are starting from scratch, Install OpenSuse 10.2 after installing Fedora 7 as OpenSuse can detect all linux installations on your system so that we don’t have to make any changes to the boot loader configuration.